mTraction TVSync


Realtime Ads & Content Detection


Analytics & Advertising


Granular Data Reports

Make omni channel marketing more scientific with mTraction TVSync. Add actionability to your conventional TV advertising and engagement to your Digital campaigns using our sync technology.

mTraction TVSync for Analytics

mTraction TVSync captures data from live TV ad detection for automated ads & content recognition and responsive campaigns. Get transparent reports and actionable data to strategize effective campaigns.

TV Analytics

Get real-time industry insights on TV SOV for your brands across different channels & day parts compared alongside to competitor’s TV ad spot appearances across channels & popular shows. Understand demand & supply of TV networks and negotiate media buying rates.

Optimizing TV campaigns

mTraction TVSync Analytics helps understand the impact of TV ads across your pages on popular social, search and video assets including website & mobile apps. Track TV spot impact on your digital assets and your brand’s SOV across TV & Digital medium.

Data Insights for Brand strategy

Unified Digital & TV reports that make cross screen advertising scientific and maximizes ROI.

mTraction TVSync Advertisement

Devise your Omni Channel Marketing Strategy with mTraction TVSync. Add actionability & an element of life to your live TV Ads.

Augment TV Audience buying

mTraction TVSync helps you engage with your TV ad viewing audiences- Reach lost audiences on TV campaigns by aligning your Digital budgets with our TVSync technology. Leverage the power of cross screen advertising for building reach & reinforcements through digital bursts.

Tap into Moments that matter

Personalise digital campaigns by engaging your audiences through special Moments that are important to them -whether it’s any breaking news or a goal scored during a soccer game!

Rise above competition

Conquest your competitor’s TV ads using the precise, yet cost effective digital medium with our proprietary sync technology. Using mTraction TVSync, activate engaging digital bursts of competitive advertising across Social, Search & tonnes of popular Publishers.

Increase Brand Engagement & ROI

While digital has more ROI, TV still connects with the masses through ages and generations. Sync the best of both worlds for effective Advertising.