Segment Builder

Go beyond acquisition and drive engagement by creating insightful user segments.

Build unlimited user segments

Change the way you interact with your audience with the mTraction Segment Builder feature.  Build unlimited user buckets based on our data pertaining to user activities, events, and other user insights.  Simply group your users into segments of your choice and engage them any way you want.  Rely on our notification services with real-time reports to engage differently with each user segment.

Enrich the quality of your user segments with KVPs

Go beyond tracking page views and events by adding more than 100 Key Value Pairs.  KVPs give you additional insights on user behaviour by capturing detailed attributes about them. In case you’re using another platform for user segmentation, you can still work with mTraction.  Simply upload the existing lists of device IDs to our platform and target your users with personalized messages.

Better your marketing campaigns by engaging your users

Accomplish multiple tasks with your created user segments.  Send customized notifications, or build a user-specific marketing strategy to do more with your user buckets.  Better your marketing campaigns by implementing the user insights derived from each segment.