mTraction is a unified platform that provides usage analytics and CRM for app owners to help them monitor key business metrics and gain unique insights.

Mission Control for App Tracking

Track app installs from organic and paid sources.  Monitor your campaign KPIs to drive desired results.

Monitor User Interactions

Focus on the in-app activities of your users.  Get comprehensive segmented reports about user sessions, frequency, page views, etc.

Segment, Engage & Retarget

With mTraction’s powerful segment builder, create unlimited user groups based on demographics, in-app activities, or combine multiple parameters to send personalized messages to your users.

Power Packed Features
Mobile App Attribution

mTraction is pre-integrated with hundreds of media sources to run campaigns with multiple event postbacks.  Our visual data insights help you control and optimize campaigns better.

In-App Analytics & Cohorts

mTraction offers in-app monitoring for key usage metrics like unique sessions, session length, frequency of usage, page views, etc.  Zero down on valuable users with default or custom cohorts and never miss a potential conversion.

Fraud Analytics

Pinpoint the source of your app installs using our detectors and algorithms.  mTraction’s fraud monitoring feature provides you with authentic usage reports to identify and prevent fraudulent encounters.

Capture Rich Data

Capture vital usage data like demographics, locations, purchase patterns, and consumption habits using our Key Value Pairs.  Build multivariate reports to gather deeper insights about your app users.

Segment Builder

Leverage mTraction’s Segment Builder tool to create user buckets for effective retargeting.  Plug relevant data from usage patterns, demographics, and other user insights to segment your users.

CRM & Re-Engagement

Our SDK allows you to re-engage users with unlimited, personalized push notifications.  Insightful data powered by CRM and smart deep-linking enables you to send customized messages to users with relevant app or product pages.