Mobile Attribution

Make intelligent decisions for your app with smart & reliable data.

Single platform for tracking user-acquisition

Use mTraction’s New Users Suite to smartly track organic and paid sources of installs. Our pre-integrated global supply sources allow you to efficiently manage your paid user acquisition campaigns. Measure the performance of various channels for quality audience procurement & track post-install efficiency to attain greater ROI from your marketing campaigns. mTraction gives you a holistic view into mobile attribution analytics giving insights which can be used for further quality traffic acquisition.

Multiple supply-side integration

mTraction is integrated with hundreds of supply sources including several publishers, affiliates & exchanges that enable you to easily run campaigns with multiple media partners at the same time. Use our supply source integrations to accurately re-target users.

More power with better visual data insights

Take full charge of your campaigns by using mTraction’s real-time install and multi-event postbacks. Our platform helps you visualise and gain maximum control over your campaigns for better media optimizations.

Personalized support for easy integration

mTraction offers personalised support to its clients for integrating sources of their choice, if not already integrated with our platform.