When is fingerprinting used?

Device fingerprinting is used within Affle as a fallback mechanism when unique device identifiers are unavailable. For example, Android Id or IDFA (Id for Advertisers) can be used in the case of Apple iOS devices. This can also be used to track organic installations from users who have landed on your website.

How does it work?

In order to reduce false-positives, Affle utilizes the following publicly available information about the device when the users clicks on an ad:


When the users install a mobile app, Affle’s SDK collects the same publically available information about the device and sends it to our platform.  This generates a fingerprint which is then matched with the corresponding click database. When a match is found the install is then attributed the lastest click.

How does Affle improve on this?

In order to reduce false-positives further, Affle has found it effective to use its own proprietary algorithm that measures additional information to determine additional datapoints to improve mapping.