In-App Analytics & Cohorts

The mTraction Activities Suite combined with Cohorts means more power to you!

Retention Cohorts

Identify, track, and nurture your quality users using our in-app data analysis.  Our cohorts help you track quality sources and retain customers with the highest LTV.

Sales Cohorts

Keep a tab on your user purchases and performance. mTraction comes with purchase cohorts, which enable visual data tracking. Check periodic performance and extrapolate strategy based on our data analytics for better sales and returns.

Revenue Cohorts

Measure your profits against set revenue targets.  Keep track of your users and optimize ROI using our revenue cohorts.  Our SDK helps you monitor your revenue sources and optimize efforts spent using data insights.

Custom Cohorts

mTraction includes custom cohorts with pre-defined events for in-depth, in-app analytics.  Start using multiple data points in cohorts to keep track of the in-app activities and trends which make user patterns recognizable.  Map factors exclusive to your app’s performance using our SDK’s custom events and value points.

How does Cohort Analysis help your business?

Target with better precisionGet more accurate results for your campaigns by using specific insights derived from correlated or independent Cohorts.
Quickly identify trendsBe the first one to spot important correlations hidden in piles of data. Rely on our Cohort Charts to influence your product strategy.
Personalize your servicesImprove the engagement of your App by identifying the most valuable cohorts and reach out to your priority users using personalized messages.
Driver greater conversionsMake intelligent decisions by narrowing down on those events which will most likely lead to easy conversions.
Compare as per your predefined KPIsLeverage on our tailor made services to suit your marketing efforts. Make use of Custom Cohorts to optimize your campaigns based on predefined KPIs.
Map user behaviourMap your users by understanding their in-app usage behaviour. Starting from activity details to purchase history, keep track of everything.

All time access to detailed reports.