For marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, tracking in-app events like ‘add-to-cart’, ‘checkout initiated’, ‘unfinished payments’ matter a lot. These events are directly linked to conversions because of their order in the funnel. So, monitoring the in-app user behaviour and app usage patterns related to these in-app events are a ‘must-do’ for these apps.

In fact, there are many studies that reveal fascinating findings from data on in-app user activities.

A recent study stated some some fascinating observations about the in-app customer behaviour on e-commerce apps by diving deep into specific events and user sessions.

Research Findings

The myth about Sunday conversions  

Retail or e-commerce apps get the highest traffic on Sundays but the conversion rates are found to be the lowest.



Coming back to our example of marketplace apps like Amazon & Flipkart, let’s take a look at what kind of KVPs would be relevant under ‘add-to-cart’.


Using these specific parameters, lots of data-driven insights can be gathered from the in-app events on e-commerce apps.

For example, if we consider ‘add to cart’ & ‘brands’, it can tell us about the user segments who are loyal to Apple or Google products.

Similarly, if we monitor ‘add to cart’ & ‘payment completed’, it can immediately pinpoint us towards the unsuccessful transactions, where the users did not complete the payment process. This is a very crucial aspect as once the users go to the payment screen, it implies that these those users are the closest to getting converted. So, such users need immediate attention.

Monitoring such in-app events or KVPs can render a timely resolution in such cases. Say, in this case, such users can be retargeted by Amazon or Flipkart through ads or push notifications that persuade the users to finish their incomplete purchase. This is particularly helpful in the case of transaction that fail due to technical glitches in the app or other such situations.

We hope this blog-post has helped you gain new insights about in-app events for your app. If you liked reading this, do leave your comments below.

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