In continuation to our last blog-post about a step-by-step approach for monitoring relevant in-app events for retail e-commerce apps, let’s take the case of retail apps from the fashion & lifestyle genre.

For fashion & lifestyle apps like JCPenney, Tiffany & Co. or Myntra for that matter, monitoring in-app events like ‘products viewed’, ‘products compared’ and ‘products searched’ are very important.

But you’ll be amazed at the possibility of selecting multiple metrics or KVPs under ‘Products Viewed’


With these insights, you can track a number of things. One way to go about is to determine the budget consideration of the user segments buying a Women’s Fragrance.

Your data might reveal that there are some user segments which are willing to splurge USD 56- USD 87 on perfumes like Burberry or Versace. It may also tell you about the users who have a strong preference for floral essence in fragrances or users who only like to buy perfumes based on their product ratings or reviews.

This makes your data specific.

Now, you can retarget these user segments with ads about similar or related products based on their taste and estimated budget.

Similarly, let’s take a look at what kind of KVPs can be considered for a fashion app like Myntra.


The KVPs mentioned in the above example can be useful in tracking:

  • Users who shop for prefer to buy summer dresses from brands like Vero Moda & Forever 21
  • Users who shop for dresses only when discounts are available
  • Users who prefer buying clothing or dresses in shades of Sea Green & Coral
  • Users who would be interested in spending INR 1500 – INR 3000 in dresses
  • No. of new users who checked for summer dresses during the discount or sales season
  • No. of old users who viewed summer dresses under the latest sales season
  • Users who like Skater dresses & fabrics like Cotton or Silk.

With these specific data points, apps like Myntra can remodel their marketing campaigns and retarget their users with relevant ads or push notifications.

Interesting, isn’t it?

So, rather than just tracking ‘Products Viewed’, you can make your data more meaningful by looking at these additional parameters. Who knows, you might just spot a ground-breaking consumption pattern or even come across some unexpected facts about your target market?

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