A quick read on mTraction’s ‘Capture rich data’ feature

In our previous blog-post, we did a detailed take on how mTraction’s Cohort Analysis feature helps marketers and app owners with their user data.

While Cohort Analysis will tell you about what’s the best way to utilise your data to derive actionable insights, let’s get to the part of ‘capturing’ data.

Over the last few years of working with various app businesses and industry verticals, our team of ad-tech professionals has gained expertise in providing industry-specific data. With our ‘Capture Rich Data’ feature, we have made user data management way more simpler for our clients by providing them with actionable insights for their business.

Can you imagine the scale of business benefits that can be realised by having access to user actions against every touch-point? The sky’s the limit.

Depending on your app domain and current industry trends, mTraction provides you with accurate and consistent data reports that help in optimising your marketing campaigns as per your KPIs. Our data is not just reliable but also well-organized. With our vast research across industry verticals, we’ve predefined our Key Value Pairs (KVPs) in such a way that it captures the most relevant data  as per your industry.

KVPs give you additional insights on user behaviour by capturing detailed observations about them.

As of now, we have made 100+ KVPs available to our clients from the top app categories like content/utility, social, gaming, m-commerce and travel. Our KVPs are tuned to meet the critical data insights or requirements of industry verticals such as mHealth, banking & finance, transport & logistics, telecom and mGovernment ventures.

Using these KVPs, app owners and marketers can capture important details like product ratings, conversations, most viewed content, etc. These insights can be useful in the evaluation of sales strategy or identification of major purchase trends that can lead to greater conversions. Not just that, our clients use this feature to create multivariate reports that give unique insights to formulate effective performance marketing strategies.

mTraction’s ‘Capture Rich Data’ feature is the best way to tap user-behaviour and tweak your marketing strategy.

What’s the best way to use it for your business?

Just take a look at our industry verticals and get started.


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