A quick read to understand mTraction’s CRM-Re-engagement feature.

During a normal day, every mobile user comes across five to six push notifications or advertisements on their phone. But do they click on all of those ads? Let me rephrase that. Suppose, you’re shown 3 different mobile ads about an offer on Apple products, a trailer of the latest Game of Thrones episode and a UEFA EURO 2016 commercial by Adidas. Which one will you click on?

If you’re a fan of ‘Game of Thrones’, chances are that you’ll go for that one.

Similarly, a football fan will mostly be interested in the EURO commercial and a brand loyal Apple consumer will click on the offer.

Different users have different interests. So, in order to re-engage with these users, mobile marketers need to analyse their app usage data and then target them with personalised messages. In one of our previous blog-posts, we had talked about how marketers can use mTraction’s Segment Builder feature to create a personalised advertising experience for their app users.

The ‘Segment Builder’ feature lets you create smart user segments based on data pertaining to users’ activities, events, and other unique insights during the course of their interaction with your app. Depending on the nature of your App business and type of app users, you can build unlimited user segments using mTraction.

Once you’re done creating specific user segments, what next?

Now, your main goal is to engage your users and to help you with that, mTraction offers some very handy tools under its CRM & Re-engagement feature.

Let’s talk about our ‘Push Scheduler’ tool for example.

Using the ‘Push Scheduler’, app owners and marketers can send customised push notifications to their priority users about their latest products, offers and services. With this easy-to-use tool, you can quickly set personalised text or picture messages and schedule push notifications for different user segments. Depending about your campaign KPIs, you can specifically target each user segment to optimise your campaigns and gain maximise ROI for your business.

User targeting gets even better with mTraction’s deep-linking feature. If you want to redirect your users to specific pages such as the landing page of your app or the page with the relevant offers you’re trying to promote, deep-linking will do that for you.

Apart from that, mTraction gives you real-time performance reports on all your push messages. So, marketers can conveniently monitor the reach, performance and the number of user actions initiated after the users see your messages. Do they buy your products? Or do they just ignore your message? You can track them all with mTraction.

To get insights on failed push notifications, mTraction also provides failure reports that can pinpoint the causes of failure. Marketers can use these detailed reports to formulate the marketing strategies for their future campaigns and avoid making the same mistakes again.

You can also use mTraction’s “Do Not Disturb (DND)” feature to ensure that you don’t send out an accidental push notification to your users who have opted out of your pushes.

So, by using the CRM & Re-engagement feature, marketers can not only engage their audiences based on their interests but also avoid making the same old mistakes again and again.

Long story short, our CRM & Re-engagement feature will ensure that a Food App does not end up sending a push notification about delicious Chicken Burgers to its vegan users!


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