Fraud Analytics to the rescue of marketers.

With the ever increasing significance of mobile advertising, marketers are placing this medium at the top slot of their budget. According to a recent report by emarketer, mobile ad spend is estimated to reach milestone of $100 billion worldwide in 2016 and account for more than 50% of all digital ad expenditure.

Although this is good news for the mobile industry and digital marketers, it’s not just them who see great opportunity in this lucrative development. Yes, we are talking about mobile ad fraud, which has become a cause of huge concern for advertisers.  As advertisers are putting most of their money on clicks, the perpetrators are trying various ways to steal from them.

Nowadays as most of the mobile ad spends are based on a CPI model, click or install frauds have become quite common. Hence, the numerous cases of fake installs. Not just that. Fraudsters are constantly trying to find loopholes in the cost models such as PPC, PPM, CPI, CPR, CPT, etc and further exploit the system.

According to a study by the ad security company called White Ops, online ad fraud will cost advertisers $7.2 billion globally in 2016.

Sounds like a big problem, right? But is there a solution to it?

The good news is yes.

mTraction has it all covered with its sharp fraud analytics feature. We are ten steps ahead of the fraudsters with our advanced detectors and algorithms that addresses the root cause of such fraud activities. Our vigilant Fraud Analytics feature helps in the quick identification of installation sources which contribute to fraud installs and fraud usage as you run multiple campaigns on mTraction.

At present, mTraction uses a mix of advanced technologies and a series of deep scrutiny to check patterns for uncovering bots, automated scripts, malware, illegitimate incentivized traffic and other forms of fraudulent activities.

So while running your campaigns on mTraction, you can constantly monitor your supply sources and get an accurate picture of your traffic flow.  What more? You can be completely assured of not paying for organic traffic and measure the actual health of your marketing campaigns.

This way, you can ensure greater accountability for your valuable money and evaluate your ROI correctly.


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