Everything you need to know about mTraction’s Segment Builder

Gone are the days of ‘One size fits all’ marketing. Today, mobile marketers have understood the advantage of understanding the taste and preferences of users for ensuring greater success of their marketing campaigns. In fact, it is the era of creating personalised experiences for users through relevant and specific campaigns. That’s why there is a greater focus on data that provides key insights on user-behaviour and tells us more about what a user ‘would like to see or read about’.

By having access to such information about user-behaviour and interest, marketers can create that magical trick for their campaigns.

To help marketers get started with personalised mobile marketing, mTraction offers the ‘Segment Builder’ feature.

Wondering, what you can do with the Segment Builder? Read on.

To put it simply, the ‘Segment Builder’ feature can bring about a 180 degree change to your mobile campaigns. With this feature, you can divide your users into unlimited segments. We like to call it ‘smart segments’.

mTraction lets you create unlimited user segments based on data pertaining to user activities, events, and other unique insights. You can create user buckets based on traits like demographics, gender, age-group, language, etc. Or, you can also choose to create smart user segments out of the in-app activities of your users like active sessions, frequency of usage, kind of content viewed by them, levels unlocked (in case of game apps), etc.

If you want to go beyond the conventional parameters of page view or user events for your campaigns, you can do that as well.


mTraction offers you 100+ Key Value Pairs (KVPs) to work with. These KVPs capture detailed user attributes and helps you gain additional information about user-behaviour. Depending on the purpose of your campaigns, you can create a wide combination of KVPs.

Say, you have an e-commerce app and would like to collect additional information about users. You can use KVPs to collect additional information on users who mostly view ‘mobile phones’ and ‘ear phones’. With these KVPs, you can get interesting insights about the preference of users for particular brands, budget, other related products of their interest, etc. Hike up your the impact of your mobile marketing by creating personalised campaigns for these users with relevant offers.

The point is, you don’t just  build any random user segments but ‘quality user segments’ with mTraction.

Using the ‘Segment Builder’ feature, you can simply build quality user segments of your choice and engage them with customised marketing campaigns.

mTraction also provides you with notification services with real-time reports that help you at each phase of your campaigns by enabling informed decisions.

A glimpse of the mTraction dashboard
A glimpse of the mTraction dashboard

So, you not only get to create user segments. You also get to send customised notifications to each user segment, read in-depth reports about them and implement the insights to formulate the strategy of your future marketing campaigns.


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