At a time when marketers need to constantly assess the effectiveness of their mobile ad campaigns, mobile app attribution has become the starting point for intelligent decision-making. In the absence or negligence of attribution data, marketers can make huge mistakes by spending their money in wrong channels and lose out on optimizing the ROI of marketing campaigns. Such is the significance of measurement in mobile advertising today.

mTraction’s robust platform captures all the facets of ‘Mobile App Attribution’ to meet the diverse needs of App owners and marketers.

With our mobile app attribution feature, you can easily track and measure all your marketing efforts that result in critical user events such as app installs, in-app user activities, frequency of user sessions, etc. This isn’t just limited to the mobile app installations by users. mTraction’s Mobile app attribution goes beyond that by effectively tracking post-install events as well.

By using mTraction, you can have a crystal clear view of the performance of your marketing campaigns. With specific data points and visual insights, you can easily identify the best sources or channels for your App business. mTraction lets you go down to the micro level when it comes to measuring the efficacy of individual channels and help you acquire quality users for your app. Apart from monitoring your app installs, you can also track the post-install efficiency of your sources and drive greater ROI for your marketing campaigns.

With neat features like ‘New Users Suite’, you can track down all organic and paid sources of installs. What’s best? You can be assured of not getting charged for any organic installs.

mTraction is also pre-integrated with hundreds of global supply sources that make it possible for you run multiple campaigns simultaneously and efficiently manage your paid user acquisition campaigns.

What more?

You can gain maximum control over your campaigns with mTraction’s real-time install & multi-event postbacks for better media optimizations.

Using mTraction, you can optimize your marketing campaigns and realize more conversions or sales for your app business.


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