With the increasing affinity of marketers towards mobile, it has become extremely important to track and measure the performance of marketing campaigns.

This has called for the need to have a unified user data management platform that makes it convenient to monitor attribution data, in-app analytics and user-engagement. By having these three core features in one platform, App Owners and marketers, can sieve out unique insights about their users in order to successfully engage them.

Moving with several years of experience as a mobility solutions company, Affle has always delivered products for several businesses in the mobile app ecosystem. During this span of time, we have acquired great expertise in the realm of user data management by offering mobile app attribution and analytics to global clients as a part of a bigger suite of services (in form of Affle AppStudioz and Affle MAAS) ever since 2013.

However, sensing the growing market demand for a more evolved tool that can meet the diverse requirements of today’s businesses, in terms of user data management, delivering actionable insights and audience re-engagement, we’ve endeavoured to innovate our platform by adding some very advantaged features.  mTraction is a product of such endeavours.

Built with a futuristic vision, mTraction offers actionable insights to app owners and marketers for tracking mobile app installs and usage analytics. Using these key data points and our detailed reports, mTraction users can make well-informed decisions to enhance user engagement for their apps.

mTraction comes with the following power packed features:

(1)    MOBILE APP ATTRIBUTION: Our integration with hundreds of media sources helps you run campaigns with multiple event postbacks.

(2)    IN-APP ANALYTICS & COHORTS: Monitor key usage metrics like unique sessions, session length, page-views, etc. to make intelligent decisions and increase business ROI.

(3)    CAPTURE RICH DATA: 100+ Key Value Pairs (KVPs) to build multivariate reports based on data related to demographics, usage patterns, etc.

(4)    FRAUD ANALYTICS: Pin-point the source of your app installs using our detectors and algorithms. Rely on authentic reports to prevent fraudulent encounters.

(5)   SEGMENT BUILDER: Create smart user buckets for effective retargeting. Segment your users by picking relevant data from usage patterns, demographics, etc.

(6)   CRM & RE-ENGAGEMENT: Re-engage your users with personalized push notifications. Customize your pushes using data powered by CRM & smart deep-linking.


As an end-to-end platform, mTraction is designed to address the needs of different clients through its verticals and help them maximize their business ROI.

Currently, mTraction offers two verticals-

(1)    mTraction – Top app categories like mCommerce, gaming, social, travel, content, and utility apps.

(2) mTraction Enterprise – Most suitable for banks or financial institutions, mGovernment projects, and mHealthcare sector.

With our data science innovations, mTraction empowers App Owners with data intelligence on usage analytics, marketing attribution, and rules-based engagement to maximize mobile traction. 

Popular apps like BookMyShow, ESPN, Nykaa, Wakau, etc have been using mTraction’s attribution and analytics to grow their user base.

Wondering how can mTraction help you optimize your marketing campaigns?

Well, let’s get to that.

mTraction is integrated with hundreds of supply sources, which enables marketers to run campaigns with multiple media partners at the same time. With our ‘New Users Suite’ feature, marketers can effectively track organic & paid sources of installs. This empowers them to efficiently utilize their marketing spends and optimize their campaigns as per the pre-defined KPIs.

Not just that. mTraction keeps you updated on each phase of your campaigns and helps you measure the performance of various channels for quality audience procurement. In fact, you can also monitor the post-install efficiency of your campaigns through our detailed reports.

A glimpse of the mTraction dashboard

By using the valuable insights from KVPs and custom data points, you can easily understand user-behaviour and formulate your performance marketing strategy.

So whether you’re in the business of m-commerce, mobile games, social apps, or a bigger enterprise like a mhealth or banking company, mTraction can help you realize the goals of your business.

With a hassle-free integration process in place, you are just a click away to get started with mTraction!


Want to learn more about how mTraction can help your App business?

Just drop us a line at connect@mtraction.com and our team will be happy to setup a call or schedule a free demo for you.

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